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Originally Posted by Barney View Post

Tomorrow marks the 71st anniversary of Doolittle's raid on Tokyo. Of the 80 airmen that took part in the raid, only 4 remain, 3 are in town for one last reunion. True American hero's.
Yes indeed. That's a high honor to have met those gentlemen, Barney. We've lost most of the WWII vets, and the few that are left won't be with us much longer. When you said "one last reunion," you weren't just using a figure of speech. Today's the 71st anniversary of the Doolittle Raid. I salute you, Raiders

Originally Posted by Madhouse View Post
Me too.

Here's a few of the pictures Reg made of the ride from Pensacola to Ft. Walton Beach and back last year.
Once the bomber left the ground,,the pilot told them they could climb all over the plane as they wished.
Landed the B-17 back in Pensacola just before dark.

I think he paid about that much for the trip and told me it was worth every penney.
Wow. Great pics, this one's my favorite. Talk about a dream come true for a history buff...

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