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Thanks for the compliments men.

I spend an inordinate amount of time on the cosmetics. I place each scooter under a microscope and study the lines and design of the bike. I then use this as a basis for the design of the trailer.

For the Ruckus trailer, I was after a military-like, component-assembled feel. The Ruckus is a tough little bike...bare-bones with a rugged look. I wanted the trailer to reflect that. Also, I always strive for an "OEM" feel. I know I've done my job when someone thinks I bought the trailer from the respective manufacturer. I've had several people say that they thought I bought the trailer with the bike at the Honda dealer.

For the Vespa trailer, I was after a post-war exuberance, over-the-top, kitschy feel. Some of the design in the 50's was pretty outrageous. I love mid-century design and really enjoyed creating the Vespa trailer. My own brother thought I bought this trailer from the Vespa dealer. Awesome. I did my job.

As for the Metropolitan trailer, I did it in "dieselpunk" style. ( The aesthetic covers the end of WWI to the end of WWII. The look is generally somber...reflecting the war time atmosphere, rationing, and hard economic times.
I studied a lot of American and German military hardware, and took particular inspiration from the VW Beetle of the early 1940's.

The Metropolitan played perfectly to this style. In black, it is a rather somber, utilitarian-looking vehicle. It reminds me of the first generation post-war Vespas. The Metropolitan really had that "scooter for the people" feel...

AS A SIDE NOTE: I LOVE 1950's design and the exuberant attitude of the era. I am FIGHTING the urge to take the Metropolitan and the trailer and barf chrome and white wall tires all over I really, really like the somber utilitarian look of the bike and trailer as they are but the seduction of chrome and white walls may prove to be a temptation to strong to resist

Me: Hey biker / welder dude, can you help me make a cart for my scooter? I'm gonna ride 10,000 mi across 3 countries on my 50cc scooter for charity.

Dude: Are you for real? You call me. You've got a lot of explaining to do to convince me that you are a NUT on a 50cc mission from God.
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