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Originally Posted by Mr Head View Post
I find it hard to believe that the cost of bringing a MotoGP event to a track has anything to do with attendance here in the US.
I quit going to Laguna after spending a ton of money to get there, stay and get treated like a criminal while at the races for bothering to attend. I was willing to pay the prices for food and refreshment while there. I'm late middle age now and then I was at least gray-haired. The police treated me like I'd just robbed a bank or stepped on their donuts.
Because I had a parking pass to an RV area where my friends were. Something that cost a hell of a lot more than parking in the weeds on the hillside.
I was yelled at by cops, that were being paid overtime to be there. The volunteers didn't know exactly where things were; at least those I ran across. I finally found one guy who knew and was able to get me where I was supposed to be only to have a cop follow us into the area and get told I was going to be arrested for parking where my pass clearly allowed me to park.
I can get abused like that anytime I want without paying for it or traveling a few hundred miles right down the coast in Huntington Beach. There are a few cops there who seem more than happy to cuff you on the curb.

The tiny fee I pay to subscribe to motoGP online and motoGPlive on my phone are maybe 10% of what it cost to go to Laguna the last time. I save that money for family vacations to national parks or renting cottages on beaches.
$7 for a liter of water is more than excessive I think.
Sounds like my experience at the MOA National.
But I digress.
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