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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post

the 495's are the sleeper buy in VMX in my book. the 490 Maico's seem to sit on the throne of the holy grail of VMX and deservedly so but they now come at a price. I've seen very nice 495's going for half of what some of the 490's go for. I could be wrong but I'd think a twin shock 495 KTM is the rarer bike. they certainly give nothing away in the looks dept the 495 KTM is one eyeful of big 2 stroke porn. if you gave me the choice of one or the other both in the same condition I'd have to take the KTM. Never rode either one the closest I came to riding something like that was a 1978 Maico 400 Magnum that my riding buddy had. We were pretty evenly matched him on a 370 Pursang and me on a 360 CR. when he got the 400 Magnum I couldn't keep him in sight.

I need better 495 pics this one's from ebay the Maico is from Unadilla VMX last June.
Looks just like my old 495,I traded an 86 KDX200 for it straight across. The guy had the 495 jetted so rich it only got 15mpg,took about a half hour to fix that and get rid of the huge tank he had on it.
It was reliable and ran like a freight train,no mechanical problems.

Friends who had Maicos had to know all the tricks to keep em going,nice bikes though.
Some bikes around at times
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