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Originally Posted by muddyjj View Post
Thanks Kirb!

How do you like your 2013 ntx? I am having trouble deciding whether to spend over $1,000.00 on side cases for my 2010 Stelvio or just pull the trigger on a new NTX.
The weather here has limited my mileage on the 2013 to about 200...I did put 5200 miles on my 2012 NTX in two months before the deer took it out. I like the bike so much that I bought another. That says alot of a guy with minor case of bike A.D.D. who can be annoyed with 'must haves' in bikes.

I think there are things about the NTX that I can't live without- fuel range is the biggest one (8.5G!). Heated grips while moving is another. Other than that, I don't think there is much to worry about that you can't change on your bike (narrow rear wheel, cast wheels, crash bars, etc).

Ask for a twisted throttle catalog...they show a photo of the SWM parts that you can use to mount pelicans and another brand (bags connection?). My NTX racks are pre-drilled for these parts as well, so I assume yours would be too.

Some things I did to my 2013 that may apply to your 2010:
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