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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
Yeah I can see bumping and banging bars and bikes and elbows,but in the big show with cameras and many thousands watching,it just looks bad to be knocking guys down in order to pass,its unprofessional.

At a World Of Outlaws race they hit and rub but no obvious Take Out moves are tolerated,Steve Kinzer will personally kick your ass if you do so,Nor at Moto-GP is it allowed,FIM Speedway wont tolerate it and said take out riders are ejected from the race.

Obvious take down moves should result in docking of results for that race,anybody at that level can knock a rider and bike down.

I also think one's religion is a private thing and their lord probably doesnt favor one racer over the other,doesnt need to be thanked for results in a race. Just my 2 cents.
Its become a cliche.

I mostly agree with you but SX has different sort of level of or lack of precision in regards to wheel placement that's unlike the other forms of racing because of the huge, and constantly changing track surface. Knocking someone off in a road race is a lot more obvious.
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