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I'm going to do a couple of these shorter format updates until my log here is caught up to real time again. thanks for hanging in everyone!!


the day of riding out of palm desert was beautiful. I was finally in firmly good weather (in the desert, imagine that). bike was running well and there were some nice curvies.

I started off by backtracking west on interstate 10 before cutting north on CA62 through the Morongo valley to reach the entrance to Joshua tree state park.

motorcycle entrance fees were $5, and it was well-worth the cost. a very different kind of beauty from the west coast forests and greenery.

rugged, sandy, large rock formations, and spiky self-defensive weapons for plants.

ursula had packed me a sandwich for the road, so I pulled into a little scenic area called "live oak" in the park to enjoy a snack and take some pictures.

after munching the delicious sammy, I recorded this video and then set off for salton sea.

I had been told a little history of salton sea by my cousins in Anaheim. apparently the area was mostly a failed resort community. the body of water is extremely salty and catches much of the runoff from nearby agriculture. a few decades ago developers built houses hoping people would come to vacation and sun themselves next to the stinky water... it didn't work.

there were lots of abandoned homes in the area. relics of the dreams that never came true.

I just enjoyed the riding, and lack of police :)

it was a quick little section, I was happy to make good time after the crawling pace of the California coast.

the last stop i made before leaving the south Eastern California desert was at salvation mountain in Niland.

you see the guy there in the hi-vis vest? that's john. he's taking care of the mountain while the creator, Leonard knight is away for some health reasons. john was telling people visiting about a party down the road happening that night at some of the desert hot springs nearby.

he also showed me a video of a previous party... they appeared to be lighting off some big explosives and throwing them over a cliff... seemed like an awesome time, but I opted to not attend. this is my only regret on the trip so far. not going to that party. ah well, next time ill listen to my gut a little more I guess and go for the experience.

I did explore the mountain fairly thoroughly though...

with daylight running out fast, I headed east toward Yuma.
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