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Originally Posted by RedRocket View Post
I mostly agree with you but SX has different sort of level of or lack of precision in regards to wheel placement that's unlike the other forms of racing because of the huge, and constantly changing track surface. Knocking someone off in a road race is a lot more obvious.
If you say so.

But if you watch Wharton he's sizing guys up for the next smackdown and its too obvious. Hes been in that 250 class a long time,probably wont be fast enough to do well in 450's ever.
Hes too desperate and it shows. But if a smart racer watches videos of other racers,he would know to never leave a door open for the takedown move.

Some spectators are there for the crashes,some are there for the races.
Promoters mainly want money and if takedown style crashes sell then what the heck?
Some bikes around at times
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