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Originally Posted by PTRadam View Post
I don't think the Bowers/Wharton thing is a big deal. That's why the 250 riders are so fun to watch. They do all kinds of off the wall stuff. By the time they make it to the big bikes they have either learned their lesson or get taught one real quick. I don't think you can really make a rule about agressive riding b/c who the heck would make the decision as to if a move was "too dirty" or not? It would always piss off one guy or the other and their fans. Bowers and Wharton will figure it out. I'm ready to watch the next race. Best racing in years! Both classes even!
I agree its good racing,but guys getting knocked down doesnt help the show,you can have great tight banging racing with out the smackdown moves.
It seems like its accepted more then it used to be,I dont watch racing to see crashes.

A "dirty" move would be 1 where 3 camera angles show a rider driving his bike straight into another bike and using it for a berm and knocking the rider flying.

2 guys racing and banging on each other is a different thing.

But overall great racing and WA should be another good one!
Some bikes around at times
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