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Originally Posted by car94 View Post
Sometimes I am curious what I did wrong to get a thread or response/reply moved to H/E or elsewhere.
For example I posted one in Gear >Flea market >Other. >LTB Cell Phone, This morning telling the guy to go to Walmart to buy a prepaid Phone. But it got kicked down to The Basement>Head explody >Stuff you shouldn't post in someone else's FM Ad.
And what does FM stand for?
I would have PMed the Mod but I do not know how to find this out either.
Each forum's mods are listed at the bottom of the page. Look at the bottom of this page: This page lists all the forums/mods on one page:

I'm not a mod but my assumption has always been that the purpose of the FM (Flea Market) is for inmates to sell (buy) items to (from) other inmates. It's not a discussion forum. If I was seeking discussion about what/where to buy, I'd instead post in the Equipment/Garage forums.

If you don't want what the poster is selling (or don't have what they are wanting) but have some tangential suggestion then why not send it to them via Private Message?
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