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Originally Posted by jdgretz View Post
For a first time playing with the software, that's pretty darned good.

Opinions vary, but for me, this is just on the edge of being overdone. I'm not a fan of the super processed photos. This one brings out the details while not going in to the cartoonish region. I think if you pushed it further, you'd be disappointed in the results.

Keep it up.

Incidentally, I downloaded the Beta version of Lightroom 5 the other day. The terms of the Beta sort of indicate the product will be shipping around June. Probably be an introductory discount at that time as well. I haven't had time to play with it much yet, but first glance, it looks to have improved enough to upgrade from my current version 4.

Glad you wrote that. I've been meaning to download the beta as well. I use LR4 and the Enfuse plug in for my HDR's now. Now I Have to get a camera that can bracket , not 3, exposures so I can keep up with the quality work Dave is putting out!!
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