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N. Phoenix to Prescott 4/19 afternoon

Im going to be headed up to Prescott for the weekend tomorrow afternoon. If anyone wants to join for some or all of the ride up there let me know.

My goal is to be on the trail at about 2:30 PM and here is my intended route:

N El Paso Gas Pipeline Rd from Lake Pleasant / Carefree Hwy to Table Mesa Rd, then

Table Mesa to Black Canyon City, then

Maggie Mine Rd from Black Canyon City to Crown King Rd to Bumbble Bee

From here I will either:

A) go up to Crown King then take F.R. 52 (I think thats the number) over to Senator Rd through Palace Station to Prescott


B) go through Old Cordes Junction to Mayor to Poland Junction and take Poland Junction past Mt Union look out to where it connects to Old Senator Hwy into Prescott

The A/B decision will be made dependant on if anyone joins me, what they are riding and what they are comfortable with. The A route is easier than the B route because it lacks the rocky hill climbs of Poland Rd up by Mt Union. I have ridden both routes (last weekend) on my WR250R and Im somewhat of a nOOb. Total distance is about 70'ish miles.

Again, for me this will be a one way trip for the weekend. If anyone wants to do some but not all of it there are bailouts close to the 17 at the end of each leg above. There is also lots of Camping in the area for anyone wanting to make more out of it.

If anyone wants to join post up here and we will meet at the wild horse just south of Carefree Hwy on 99th ave at about 2:15'ish.
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