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after the surreality of salvation mountain i was ready to get to Yuma. the sun was setting fast, and I made one last stop to watch it go over the Arizona desert.

I'm not a big fan of riding at night. but this was I-10 riding. well lit. straight easy.

until I did a shoulder check to change lanes...

I ran over... something. I don't know what. a piece of wood I'm guessing. it was a total brown pants moment, but I rode it out just fine, and took the exit I had changed lanes to take.

as I decelerated on the off ramp I noticed that a couple drivers in cars behind me were giving me bewildered looks. and all traffic had given me a lot of room, apparently it was as sketchy looking as it felt.

the bike seemed fine so I got to my hotel, ordered a pizza and went to sleep.

the next morning while giving my usual inspections, I noticed my license plate had been impacted by the rear tire. it was badly dented and folded underneath the tail of my bike. I lost the cover on my tail light as well... all pretty cosmetic, but was a testament to what ever I hit being sizable enough to max out my rear suspension.

thank goodness I didn't see whatever it was. would have tried to avoid it... I can only imagine how than might've gone down had I been swerving or braking.

I awoke the next morning with a plan to leave Yuma, and make the short trip to Tucson to stay with my sisters friend.

I've found that the short skips to stay with friends and family are often worth it, even if I'm not putting on a ton of miles.

somewhere in the middle of the desert I stopped for gas and a sandwich. the guy inside was curious about my bike, and I said what it was.

"all you guys up there in Washington ride the little rice rockets!" he exclaimed, jokingly.

"that's because we actually have curves in our roads!" I shot back.

he seemed to see the logic, and I went outside to enjoy my cold case sandwich.

I got a message. my second cousin, tara, who I hadn't seen since I was a toddler had responded to a message. she is in Tucson as well and was happy to have me... oh, and she had a pool... rad :)

I canceled on my first stop (I see her often enough to not feel too guilty, but still, sorry Brooke!), checked in with tara and made my way to the new destination.

when I arrived I said hello to an unfamiliar face. she knew me, and my parents well. my dad an her used to hang out and party when they were younger.

it's always fun to get the dirt on your parents shenanigans.

we swam around in her back yard oasis. met her husband, don. had a couple beers, and called it a night. I had a great nights sleep and woke up early before tara left or work to chat a bit more.

we made loose plans to meet up again at the grad canyon and / or Las Vegas in may. hopefully it happens on the way back through.

her husband, don saw me off after tara left. he had been quiet the night before, but with tara gone he kept a nice conversation going while I did my checks and loaded my gear.

that's when I found this...

yep... that's an extra long staple straight through a brand new pilot road 3... fuck.

I just can't have nice things :(

I was on the east side of Tucson by about 30 miles... I was ready to hit the road... I decided to limp along on the wounded tire to El Paso for a replacement.

I gingerly mounted up, and hit the road slightly paranoid for west Texas.
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