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Personally, I don't believe they should race in Bahrain. There's no simple solution to the problems of minority vs majority populations, never has been anywhere in the world. But F1 should not be in the business of promoting repression.

The NBC crew talked about the active suspension last race, first time I'd heard about it. They said Lotus and Mercedes were the leaders. They also suggested that if one team gets too good at it, someone will complain and Charlie Whiting will then have to make a ruling.

Brawn's comments imply a surprising level of knowledge about the details of a competing team's top secret technology. Huh.

McLaren are an odd team. Seems like every year they are there or thereabouts. Yet they cannot close the deal. Are they not good enough? Or are they a wee bit arrogant and they overreach technically, putting themselves in a difficult position?

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