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I've gotten into a few discussions on soviet steeds that left me a little irritated. But sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

But, I have also been to a few rallies, and quite a few rides with members. I've met SS members from around the country, and every one of them that I've met personally has been top notch. Do they all share the same view points, philosophy's, etc. . . well of course no. But I truly believe I've met some great friends because of soviet steeds. Please don't throw them all under the bus. But you know something, I would wager good money that if they(ss member) saw anybody stranded on a rig(especially a Ural), there is not a single one of those folks on soviet steeds that wouldn't stop and help as much as they could.

The ride reports, upcoming rally's, hammerin' and wrenching, modification sections are the most important sections to me(no particular order). That forum is still my favorite. I've gotten in a couple scrapes in the soap box, but I've said what I meant, and moved on.

Go to a rally/ride (soviet steeds) and meet some good people.

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