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That's a pretty far out comparison. I have never owned a BMW, to expensive for me. I'm more the KLR type. For me, the KLR is a bike I don't mind taking off road, getting it dirty, and getting some scratches on it. If I had a Vespa GTS300 Super, I would spend a lot of time washing and waxing it, and never get it anywhere near any dirt. Probably wouldn't even ride it in the rain.

From a functional standpoint, scooters simply do not have the suspension for off road use, they don't even deal with rough paved roads well. And dropping one would cause extensive cosmetic damage.

As for price, my local dealer wants $8499 OTD for a new 2012 300 Super. It is bright red, and I want it so bad. But not at that price. I could get a new Triumph Bonneville for that. I know they are 2 completely different things, But the Bonneville is something else I've always wanted, and If I had that much money, it's probably what I would get. I guess I just have a problem getting past the idea that a 300c scooter costs more than a 950cc motorcycle.
I won't spend more on a bike than I think it's worth, but if it's a good deal, I don't seem to have a problem buying bikes I don't need.
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