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I'm looking to replace my DL650 with one of the following: Stelvio, S10, T800 or - don't laugh - new DL.

Finally found a sympathetic dealer and demo'd a Stelvio this afternoon. Wow.

First, it felt great as soon as I threw my leg over - perfect ergos for me. But I felt the same when I sit-tested an S10 (more on that later). Sense of familiarity and ease continued from the first revolution of the rear wheel to the end of my 10 mile test. Very hard to explain, but the bike just felt like I'd ridden it for years. I had none of the apprehension that I might feel riding an unfamiliar, much bigger displacement bike that belonged to someone else. I got in the zone from the get-go. Amazingly confidence-inspiring, and as everyone has said, basically weightless once you get moving.

Concerns? I'm not used to the characteristics the Guzzi engine, and I found it hard to determine ideal shift points - by sound, it felt certain that the engine would lug if I upshifted, but it didn't. Also, engine was quite buzzy at around 3800rpm - not so much the bars, but pegs and especially seat. Will I get used to it? Will it smooth out over time? Who knows?

I rode an old (very old) BMW years ago, and rented an 1150GS in Germany a few years back. I could tell I was driving a shaftie. Not with the Stelvio. I really liked this bike.

Earlier in the day, I demo'd an S10. To tell the truth, I went into the day thinking the S10 was gonna be the one and didn't expect to prefer the MG, but there you are - what'd life be without delightful surprises?

While the Yam is undoubtedly a very nice bike, I quickly learned that it wasn't for me. Once moving, the ergos didn't suit me as well. The buzziness of the S10 engine bothered me much more than the MG's. I had more of the "sitting on rather than sitting in" feeling with the Yam. Never felt as much a part of the bike as I had on the Stelvio. And I found the gnashing racket of the engine really unpleasant. I know - earplugs.

The engine on the Yam is a marvel. Put that thing in sport mode and crack the throttle in second, you basically fly off the back. Fantastic rush, and the MG felt way pokey by comparison. But I think I'd prefer living day to day with the Guzzi's engine (which is plenty powerful, don't get me wrong) and overall package and forego the the S10's relative rocketry.

Oh, yeah, and I know I have no right cast the esthetic stone, owning a Wee, but the S10? Fugly! Fugly on stilts!

So, one down, MG still in the running, two to go. A dealer told me he might have a T800 for me to try next week. Not hopeful that I can find a Suzuki dealer who'll let me demo the DL, although I don't think the new ones are radically different from mine.

I guess I should give the Huns a shot at my wallet and check out the new GS, but it's gonna have to knock my socks off to overcome my reluctance to beta a new model of a bike with a significant pedigree of problems.

Anyway, you Stelvio guys...I get what you've been talking about.
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