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Originally Posted by Sniper X View Post
It is: In some cases all or some of these.

An investment, some of these fine watches increase in value, most do.

A status symbol, in a LOT of cases this is key.

A work of art, many are.

Jewelry....kind of.

Some can spend 15 grand on a watch like some can spend 50 dollars. So trying to attach the question of why someone would spend 15K on a watch is like asking why someone might spend 50K on a car or 300k on a house. If they have the money to spend...wy not?
Yes...some reasonable points, albeit cars and houses have a clearer quality of basic need, whereas watches fall much more soundly in the area of discretionary wants.

And then there's perspective. It's gobs of money to one's a drop in the bucket to another. It's unreasonably inaccurate to one's perfectly within reason to another. It's unreasonably costly to maintain to one's the cost of luxury (and a drop in the bucket) to another. It's just a timekeeping tool to one's got intrinsic value to another.

You miss a big one...that hyperbole easily makes rational decisions sound irrational.
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