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Originally Posted by brooklyn slim View Post
Concerns? I'm not used to the characteristics the Guzzi engine, and I found it hard to determine ideal shift points - by sound, it felt certain that the engine would lug if I upshifted, but it didn't. Also, engine was quite buzzy at around 3800rpm - not so much the bars, but pegs and especially seat. Will I get used to it? Will it smooth out over time? Who knows?
Higher RPMS are good. I try to run at about 4000-5000 unless I'm crawling around in town and it's much smoother than that 3500-4000 range. In general, the vibes will decrease a bit over time. I don't really notice the vibration any more, but some tuning can probably also help if it's especially bothersome to you.

The Stelvio is a great bike (but I'm biased ). It's the least powerful of the bunch and not really a standout in any measure of the spec sheet, but in the end, I think that the complete package edges out all of its peers (which are all quite good, don't get me wrong).
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