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Originally Posted by brittrunyon View Post
Rotated 180
........OT mark back in window
.......crank mark centered & pointing down dimple down but not centered

& yes I have the parts but got the wrong sprocket.

bingo, there's the yellow paint. Someone was working 180 degrees around.

I'd evaluate wear closely. if that chain is tight, Correct the one tooth issue and just button it up. Return the wrong sprocket, put the new chain in storage, you'll need it someday if you keep the thing long enough. You can go in again very quickly if you aren't happy. Whole lot quicker the second time. All you risk is a new gasket. No point replacing parts with lots of life left not to mention the extra work. It will make a nice rattle for you when it wants replaced. I'd use hylomar or similar on the gasket. Ultra blue silicone is pretty nice stuff too. Very thin coat.
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