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Anybody here from the Brunswick GA area?

I currently live in the land of ice and snow (the forecast is for 12" of snow tonite ) but I recently got a job offer in the Brunswick area and we are thinking of relocating. We have lived all over, but not as far south as GA.

I know all about the heat and humidity as well as all of the wonderful insects and snakes and other critters. I have also read through a lot of posts in this regional forum and it looks like there is a bunch of good riding all over down there.

I am looking to hear from people who live in the area that can tell me about the crime, quality of the schools, areas to avoid when looking for housing and any other advice about the area.

It would also be nice to just hear there are people in the area to ride with. One of my biggest hangups about leaving here is thinking about leaving the guys I ride with in the summer and wrench with in the winter (which is going on it's 6th month)

Thanks in advance,
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