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Originally Posted by tburick View Post
I don't mind if you post the pics in other forums. Please feel free.

I've thought about starting a business designing and building scooter (and small displacement motorcycle) cargo trailers. I don't know if there's enough interest out there to keep such a company sustainable...because if I'd do it, it would be a full time venture...I have no interest in pursuing it part time. I'm an all-or-nothing kind of guy

I think the bigger issue might be cost. In the age of made-in-China junk, where everything is cheap, cheap, trailers might not be viable because of the cost. That's my biggest concern.

In my mind, my trailers are rolling art...I spend a huge amount of time on the aesthetics...(make no mistake, they are equally functional)...but the aesthetics are paramount to me. There's a ton of time an materials that go into each one.

Even if I designed a few standard models and "mass produced" them in small quantities, they'd still be $900 - $1,000...and I wouldn't be buying a Mercedes with the profits...

I recently designed a cost-reduced, open frame scooter cargo trailer that looks cool and could sell for $600 - $700. Not quite as "WOW" as the other ones, but a pretty damn cool trailer in it's own right.

Because my trailers are all one-offs, I've probably got $1,200 - $1,300 tied up in each one in time / materials. As a scooter enthusiast, I have no problem dropping a grand+ on a trailer. I've got myself convinced that I'm the only guy out there that would do that. Anyone care to prove me wrong?

Would any of you drop a grand on a beautiful, functional trailer for your scoot or small displacement motorcycle? If not, what is your price threshold? I am just looking for ANY reason to start a scooter cargo trailer
Well I did, but at more than twice those amounts. That was because I had the work done at a welding fabricator and custom motorcycle shop and made
the mistake of not working out costs and having it put down in writing first. Lesson learned..I'll never do that again!!! But a grand or more added on to my
scoot? No problem. In fact I am doing that now by putting a Vetter streamliner fairing on one of my Honda Reflex scooters. (It's a work in progress even now
and may do that to another Reflex or maybe my Silverwing FSC600A scooter....decisions, decisions.)

BTW I lifted this post from the Hacks sub-forum, moved it here and nuked the old message because I'm not sure about the duplicate posting policy. Really, it's scooter stuff after all.

Anyway, here is my "Roamin' Chariot" I hauled camping gear from here in S.E. Michigan west to MO., east to NY., south to TN. and north to Traverse City
in Michigan. (so far) It's a blast and gets compliments wherever it goes.

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