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I appreciate all of the replies. I know it's an apple to oranges comparison, but what can I say, it is just the way my A.D.D. mind sometimes works. The gravel roads I am talking about are the same roads that I can basically take our mini van on. If I want to do serious off roading, I have a dune buggy for that. I do have to admit I didn't think about the paint getting all chipped up though on the Vespa. I am just so used to the GS hose off if time, and go mentality.

On a side note, I found a dealer with a couple of 2012 left over that I can pick up for $7,400 out the door with windshield, rear bracket, and matching top case. Still expensive, but aren't all toys one way or another.

It sounds like though I still better keep the Clydesdale instead of getting a little burro for my style of riding still.
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