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Originally Posted by DavidBanner View Post
Albany traffic/drivers suck.

Since you sustained physical injury, you should pursue damages for pain and suffering. Sure, bones/burns can heal...but you didn't cause them and you shouldn't have to take it on the chin because someone else wasn't paying attention. The property damage portion will be handled pretty cleanly, now it's just a matter of figuring out how much you want/will accept for the damage done to your body. Only you know what that's worth to you, you should consider finding an attorney.

Whatever you do, don't accept any payments in full/final settlement of all of your claims without talking to an attorney...since you do not yet know the full extent of your injuries.

I'm not suggesting that you should milk this for millions, I am suggesting that you are ENTITLED to be compensated for injuries you sustained through no fault of your own. You only get one body, and this person dinged yours up pretty seriously. You could have been killed.

And holy hell you are one lucky fucker. Go buy a lottery ticket.
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