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Originally Posted by Otis357 View Post
Changing out the sprockets and chain on my 04 DR. Manual says to torque the mounting nuts to 19.5 lb-ft. It says nothing about using Loctite, but it sure seemed like there was some on there when I hear it pop on loosening the bolts. Wondering if a little dab of loctite on there is a good idea?

Also, the rubber absorbers in the rear wheel are not broken or cracked, but are pretty hard. Should I bother replacing these or should they be OK?
The bolts in question have loc tite on them from the factory. Suzuki recommend using NEW bolts ... but, IMO, you do not need to. I would use a dab of BLUE loc tite on them however. I've re-used the same nut/ bolts on 3 rear sprocket changes now.

How old are your rubber dampers? If more than 3 years/20K miles I would change them out. You WILL feel the difference.
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