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A K1600 will do, what, 80 in first gear? Your argument is skewed. You assume nobody has any self control. Your statement that the ONLY reason to buy one (a Supersport Liter bike) is to ride like an idiot. You're making shit up to suit yourself.
Sigh, one last attempt. There is never a reason to hit max speed in any gear, or run the revs up on a K1600. Why? because it has so much torque throughout the rev range good thrust is but a twist away. You don't need to buy a K1600, there are lots of street bikes with great power delivery.
A liter bike is pretty gutless under about 7k rpms, then takes off like a missile. Thus, to get good thrust you need to get the rpms up into it's powerband. By this time you are speeding, unless you are in 1st gear. This combined with the monkey fucking a football ergos is why they make stupid street bikes.
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