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Nica Pt 5

4th attempt to get this section posted. The browser has crshed 3 times. The last time I was able to post just a little, Pt 4. let's try 2 different browsers.

The sister to this boat.

Well that seems to have worked. One browser just crashed but no affect on the browser I'm working in.
So now a bunch of pictures of traveling down the river and the life there.

We stopped in Sabalos which is the end of the road. From here it's only boat.

After a few hours we reached our destination: El Castillo.

El Castillo has avery interesting history which you can read about here. The fortress changed hands almost every 20 years for 200 years between the Spanish and the British/Americans/Miskito/Zambo/pirates because it was the gateway to the gold of Grenada.

The fort was built at this point because of the rapids here. Only some of the smaller boats can navigate it even now.

Here's a little info from the tour. All the major pirates of the Caribbean seem have been here at some point.

We stayed at the Hotel Victoria which I highly recommend and splurged for the luxury of seperate rooms with air conditioning. Honestly it was dirt cheap.
We arragned for a guided tour out through the rain forrest for the next day which was exceptional.
Our female guide, Seyla Bustos had grown up in the area and was excellent.

Hotel Vic is on the left

Lots of wildlife as we headed down river

Green poison dart frog

Red poison dart frog

They're both pretty common in this area
We went on a 3 hour hike through the bush. Gorgeous out there
Strangle vine.

Fairly fresh Jaguar print.

They call this plant Monkey Ladder

Spider monkey on the boat trip back.

We stopped by a farm on the way back to pick up a boatload of fruit to take to town. One of the things I love about tours is in this part of the world is everything is very casual. Pick up some fruit, drop off some school kids, ferry a horse. It's all part of the experience.

We only had one day in El Castillo so headed back to San Carlos.
Where Egrets Dare

Then it was another flight back to Managua where Kirk got on a plane back to Seattle and I caught a taxi to Grenada.
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