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Originally Posted by fallingoff View Post
why don't you read his post

or do you have no comprehension skills

instead of casting aspersions

half the problem is aggressive packs of pushbicyclists

now I know why you do it

but as I've stated before it causes accidents

puts you and others at risk

I hate going around a blind corner

finding a car coming at me

as they are trying to pass aggressive packs of cyclists

claiming their right on the road

I don't blame the car as they will always do something silly

I blame the packs of cyclists

for putting me in a life and death situation

have a think about where you do your riding

same problem with the packs of pirates

That speaks volumes about your reasoning skills. Blaming legal road users rather than a motorist making an illegal pass in a blind bend tells me all I need to know about you. Just another entitled idiot who poses a threat to my safety.

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