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Well.. no luck. Disassembled carb completely and recleaned. Inspected needle/slide..all good. Reassembled. However, I did move the clip on the needle to the lowest position. didn't work so well. Remove clip on needle to most upper position. What position is the best slot for the clip to be on the needle? Also, having issues getting the air mix/fuel mix screws set just right. Baby is blowing a little blue smoke so assuming rich. It's also sticking in high idle, de-accelerating very slowly.... thought she was going to blow for minute :(.. had to use choke to shut er off. If I screw them in all the way, does anyone know the best amount of turns out that would work the best? Elevation is 2600ft. Also, I'm assuming I have other issues other than the mix. Any ideas anyone? Appreciate all the guys are great.
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