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My neighbor, a farmer down the road from me bought a used Ural bike and let me tell was funny as hell! He was super excited the first time he rode it.......he left for his first ride and never came back.....3 hours later he shows up all tired asking me for a ride. He walked 2 or 3 miles (we live in the outskirts where nobody lives and no cars had passed him). The engine went out on the first short ride of more than several miles.....main bearing. He fixed it and about 3 months later he was riding and the wheel bearing failed in the rear wheel hub.

And he made fun of me buying a Jap bike. Look whose laughing now. I had a Jawa bike (british) and it was MUCH MUCH better than the Ural bikes could ever hope to be. Jawa required some maintenance, but they were solid runners and much more reliable than Urals. Still they were not considered highly reliable, but I LAUGH at anyone that thinks Urals are good bikes and can honestly say it with a straight face..... In the words of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.... "here's your sign".
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