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Originally Posted by Misery Goat View Post
I love this!

Suerte amigos!!
LAMEco's foam cutter deserves a little explaining. Imagine a 5" long 2x4 with a hack saw blade wrapped around it. Then clamp jumper cables on each end & hook it to a charged car battery. Viola! Your blade just turned cherry red & is in danger of melting. What to do? We need a rheostat. Turn down the amperage. This is where the bucket of salt water came in. Never underestimate LAMEco's abilities of it's resident geek genius's. It almost worked! In actuality there was much yelling, ON ,OFF,ON!!!, etc, etc. Got to say a red hot saw blade goes through foam like shit through a goose.
Copious amounts of adult libations must have been included!
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