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Originally Posted by Ronin ADV View Post
Just another data point. I put a Shorai LFX18A1 in my F8 a couple months back. It ran great and the weight savings over the OEM battery as you know is significant. Then after a Death Valley trip where everything was cool I noticed my voltmeter dropping. I slapped it on the Shorai charger but it refused to charge and dropped like a rock over the next day or so. I then contacted Shorai as I had purchased the battery directly from them and they promptly sent me a new battery no charge. Good customer service. Anyway what I found interesting is that while they used to list the 18A1 as a battery option for the F8 on the Shorai website, now they list the LFX21A6-BS12. And this is the replacement battery they sent me. So far so good. But I am watching the voltmeter more closely. I sure as hell don't want to be out in the sticks and have it die and not take a jump.
I had the same experience minus the Death Valley experience. They sent me a new battery here in Alberta, no problem. Excellence customer service, and upgraded my battery to a newer mor powerful version as you did above. I have the Shorai balance charger and keep it on store over the winter. I thus far have had no issues.
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