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Originally Posted by Mohawk Unit View Post
@hardware indeed, smoking is my one vice and I got no shortage of lecturing in the ER about it. Probably one of the best cigarettes of all time after the accident and all night in the stinky hot hospital watching King of the Hill.
First of all, glad you are alright

Second, I totally understand. I used to be a bike courier and the company had these badly maintained 125 yamahas with massive top boxes.. Loaded with way too much weight. I locked up the front wheel going down a ramp in heavy rain and traffic. I managed to stop sliding without hitting the taxi infront and behind me there was a six car pile up, my head perfectly aligned with the drivers side front wheel of the car behind me and the bumper within arms length from me. When I got up, and saw the carnage behind me -and how I had sustained virtually no injuries cept a cut elbow and ripped jeans, the first thing I did was push the bike over to the shoulder, open that top box, and chain smoke 3 ciggs using the top box as cover from the rain. That was 5 years ago, a week after I got my licence. Boy it felt good to be alive..
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