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I really only got to play with the bike a couple of days. One was pure pavement and about -5C for 120 or so kms and another was a more decent 50/50 ride in +6C for 200kms including a wee creek crossing... Not enough to form any kind of opinion except, "Holy sh!t that's a lot of power." and "This suspension in standard setting is uber soft...", LOL!

I did get the luggage rack/rear armor/soft bag support fitted:

And yes, of course I know I will be having it off at least once to do the pipes and other small adjustments. :) Also got to fit some 2" risers which drastically enhance rider position for me and stand up riding feels almost normal now. I may have to get some longer lines and replumb some of the electrical for a bit more rise though... I still feel a bit forward of center and when dragging the rear end down a hill I feel like I can't lean back enough. Again, need to ride it more to really form that opinion. A soft suspension will make a guy feel unbalanced and until I tune that part of the bike to exactly what I prefer off road then I won't know what to do next.

No other mods yet, :( I am 7000 miles from home and counting down the weeks till I get to fly home and ride this thing like I stole it, lol!
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