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Originally Posted by NLS View Post
Can anybody translate?
No problem mate, here is what he is saying:
1) His wife’s name is Lucia and he is cheating on her (with the R1200GS)
2) The bike has been provided by Iberian Moto Tours
3) He has absolutely no clue about motorcycles so we shouldn’t pay attention to his opinion
4) He has a 2010 R1200GS
5) The bike is becoming more Japanese (not clear if that is good or bad)
6) He is happy that turn signal controls are now on one side (Japanese style) rather than in two one on each side BMW-style
7) He also likes the new screen height regulation
8) The cooling radiators are too exposed, they need protection
9) Ride by wire is absolutely awesome and the best thing since sliced bread
10) He remembers us again that he knows nothing about bikes
11) He doesn’t like the weight distribution, he thinks it is now closer to a Japanese superbike than a true GS
12) It is obvious that the new bike weights less than the 2010 (he obviously hasn’t checked the specs)
13) unlike previous GSs the clutch now actually works, it is more Japanese
14) Suspension is harder than before, the bike is more road orientated
15) There is less space from peg to seat, he feels cramped
16) The bike is taller than the 2010 model
17) The bike is much better than previous models but is, at the same time, worse
18) He remembers us that he knows nothing and recommends us to read reviews from people who actually know what they are talking about.
19) He closes announcing that spring has arrived
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