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most expensive watch i've ever had is a Citizen Skyhawk. I bought it as a "gift from my mom" after she passed. That watch has been perfect in every way... right up to the day I broke the band. That said, that watch was/is running around $350 at retailers. if there were imperfections where the dial was not flat, the case or the crystal.... i would have had a replacement or repair made immediately.

watches are truly a thing of both fashion and function. I currently wear a Casio Triple Sensor PAW1300. My second. my first was a PAG80 that i drove my wife's car over.

My next watch, I hope to be a Suunto Core.... but, hell... i cant afford a $250 watch as it is. but i promise you this, if there are quality issues or faults when I DO get it... its getting fixed/replaced.
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