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Originally Posted by Mohawk Unit View Post
...@NJ-Brett, indeed.. I've been riding small displacement bikes for five years, was just starting to feel comfortable on the highway. I see now that was my mistake.

Thanks for the replies, nice to hear them. No soreness today after I started walking around, haven't had the need to take any drugs, so far so good.
Glad that things are OK-- vehicles can be replaced, you can't.

For every motorcycle ride I take, I mentally assign informal "hazard points" to the trip-- road conditions, traffic conditions, weather, etc etc. And if they add up wrong I'll modify the trip to make it less hazardous. For example, on your ride home: Interstate. Bad off-ramp. Rush-hour traffic. Wet road. Bing Bing Bing-- modify the trip, take surface roads or alternate route. Still rush-hour on wet pavement, but you've eliminated the worst part of the road and traffic conditions by avoiding the Interstate.

Keep the shiny side up... :)

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