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Originally Posted by max384 View Post
I don't know if anyone here has said this. I think the problem is that you're making a different point in each of your posts, so it's hard for us to really even discuss this with you. I think I'm now understanding what you're saying... But some of your posts directly contradict each other, so I'm honestly not sure.

By the way, I'm an example of a guy on a sport bike that goes so slow anyone could pass them. I could pass me if I wanted to. However, I don't like tickets or crashing, so I generally go about the speed limit, maybe five or ten over.

Bragging about who's fastest on the street is stupid. It all comes down to who is comfortable taking the biggest risk.
You are probably right about me trying to make too many points. I'll boil it down to this:

On the street, speed is mainly determined by how fast the rider is willing or able to go, not the bike. No one should be surprised when a rider on a "slow" bike goes faster than a rider on a "fast" bike.

I responded to this thread because so many people were shocked that a rider on a GS would even attempt to keep up with sport bikes. I haven't commented on the OP's original post because I wasn't there and really don't know what the situation was. I'm not sure why the OP thought it was such a big deal that he could briefly keep up with "sport bikes", especially if they were stretched out Hayabusa's.
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