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Originally Posted by TcRulz View Post
Hi Gefr, This is my set-up. It is the exactly the same jetting that I ran with a uni-filter precleaner and air box. The only difference being main jets. I'm in Australia (so fuel could be better), at 650 metres and run a single wings muffler with the insert fitted. My bike starts instantly, does not surge, does not smell of fuel, has clean plugs and exhaust and hammers to the rev limiter.

Here's a picture which I think will make it easier to understand.

Now this is what I did. Jet size 80 goes from position 2 to 3. Replace the 80 with a 100 in position 2. Standard main air leak jet in position 1 stays. Replace the low-speed jet in position 4 with a 45 (from 42). Position 5 now has main jet 180 in the front carby and 182 in the rear. I should be running leaner than this with my altitude but this gives me a happy 42mpg (we have 4.5 litres to the gallon). Position 6 the starter jet stays at 68. My IMS in position 7 is now changed using the flexjets (2 turns out). Float level is set at 3mm.

The slide operates quicker if you drill the two holes that are either side of the needle out to 3mm. I also moved my clip to 3 position from the top (2nd is standard - standard needles). But this is a change you can do easy with the carbs installed. Also my hoses are vented separately measuring 275mm for the front and 250mm for the rear. Position the hose clamps that hold the carbs so they can be undone from the right side (only right side tank needs to be removed to gain access to carbs)

All my jets came from RockymountainATV (dirt cheap) and if they didn't have it these guys are exceptional.

I jetted this way due to the recommendations of a legend in OZ (K2m) that road with a wideband testing the best jets to get the right air to fuel ratio's.

Disclaimer: Use at own risk but my only downfall is decel cackle and popping. Sound's very 'old school' (read ducati) and I don't mind it. At the end of the day the jets you need are as 'cheap as chips' and now everything is easy to get to, it's worth experimenting.
Pretty wild stuff! K2M has done more than anyone to figure out these carbs...

Ever dyno'd this or checked it out with the AFR meter?
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