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Laugh Amassing a parts list...

Compiling a list of doodads and farkles, etc I'll be ordering to arrive home before I get there:

CJ Designs:

- Bash plate and SS relocation bracket combo (Best by far imho for my needs)
- Oil Tank Hose Kit (Did something similar on my Dakar to ease the process)
- ECU Tune Cable (For future use)
- Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit (For future use also)
- Water Pump Rebuild Kit (Also future use, :) )

Hammerhead (DS Warehouse):

- Shifter with -5mm tip (I break these fairly often and it's always nice to have a stock one as back-up in the shop)
- Brake Lever Tip - (the tiny stock ones are sometimes a bit fragile and I snap them off)

KTM Parts (High Fender White Build):

- Brake Hose Guide #60013025100
- Brake Hose Guide Rubber Grommet #60013025050
- White KTM Fender #7730801000020
- Spacers For Fender x 4 #54808020000
- Fender Bolts x 4 #0014060203
- Black 85 Fork Guards #4700109400030
- Bolts For Fork Guards x 4 #59001092050


Meant to get a pair for the Dakar for sooooo long, lol! Now I will finally do it. I broke enough of those $28 mirror nuts off before constantly carrying a 14mm and 15mm wrench to remove mirrors on trail rides to know that these will pay for themselves in no time. I can live with a bit of vibration after coming from a single cylinder. It's no big deal to me.

Wings Exhaust:

Yep, changed my mind about the FMF's. I might pay a restocking fee on them, but that's what I get for not fully researching my choices. lol! Having removable db killers WITH spark arrestors is about the best thing ever when riding more than just dirt or pavement. I had this ability with the Staintune I put on the Dakar and I would miss it. Add to that the weight savings and lack of heat build up in the new pipes and it's worth even the price our Canadian dealer charges for them. Much less than Akra's too. I chose the NOS shape with naked tips. After thinking about it and looking at a lot of pics of the pipes I think the odd shape suits the angularity of the 990 better than the oval. On the Dakar the oval was great, but the lines of the bike are much smoother. I'll also be getting blanking plates with the pipes for the SAS removal/canisterectomy. I can pick up the one way valves and rubber plugs I need locally when I get home.

Grip Heaters:

This will be best for me as I prefer the slimmer dirt style grips over other thicker options out there. I'll probably put these on when I do the bar swap to some ProTapers.


Once I burn up the 908's that are on stock I'll fit Michelin T63's. I've had great luck with these tires in the last 4 sets I put on the Dakar. They wear great on AND off road and I was getting 10K+ kms out of a set. They are just the right amount of knob for where I ride, clean themselves out nicely in the muck and aren't as knob-flexy on pavement as the Dunlop 606's or 908's. Plus, they are 30% cheaper! They are, however, just as loud, :( I can source these locally in Calgary so I won't worry about this until I see belts poking through the 908's. (I'm kidding! Maybe...)

Still on the drawing board:

- Still eyeing the BRP Scotts damper + 1.25" risers. It would solve the bar riser issue plain and simple and at the same time I would have the ability to use the Scotts damper IF I wanted to, or not depending on what I'm riding. In the end it's not a bling issue and money isn't really that tight. It's an expense I could bear if I'm going to see some functional return.

- Footpegs... Been scouring for a week now and haven't turned up anything really useful for lowered footpegs except these: It's not a LOT of drop, but might be all I require once I get the proper rise to the bars that I like. The less I have to move my mass up on the bike while standing, the better! I had a lowering kit on my Dakar that substantially improved weight distribution when standing up and also kept my knees from cramping on long sit-down rides. If anyone has a better suggestion than those pegs (hopefully something in North America) then please, chime in! These are also these: which are on the list if I can't get lower pegs or the bolt on extensions that are common like:

- New Chain Tool. I won't be using clip links on the 525 like I did on the Dakar's 520. I'm probably going to go with the Motion Pro tool Still small enough to make it's way into my bag of goodies that lives in the bottom of my luggage and will allow me to rivet and break and all that good stuff.

There's a bunch of other goodies that I never really got around to for my kit, but that's the bulk of the bike-specific stuff. This is kind of a list for myself to remember what I'm doing also, lol! I have a feeling I will be a very busy boy when I get home. I'm not going to consider too many suspension mods nor larger fuel tanks until I get to ride it more once the pipes are changed and the weather warms up. I have basically no opinions formed yet on those parts due to lack of time in the saddle and that is crucial for those parts. Crossing my fingers I won't need stiffer fork springs to air this girl out on some of the trails I ride.

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