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Originally Posted by klaviator View Post

I can't believe that all the "experts" who have posted on this thread have never witnessed guys on sport bikes (and other bikes) that were going so slow that any competent rider couldn't pass them. Maybe where you come from all the sport bike riders out there are really fast. I have ridden in around 40 out of 50 states and I have yet to find a place where most of the riders where really fast. Anyone out there know an area where most of the riders are competent and fast???
Where I come from half the riders I see aren't FROM here. No one's disputing the fact that most riders aren't competent or fast regardless of what they're riding. I rarely see them myself. I've blown by slow ass adv/DS riders as often as I've blown by slow ass sport bike riders. Of course those numbers don't compare at all to how many slow ass cruiser riders I've blown buy, but then they outnumber all the other riders combined 20 to 1.

I'm just stating that I am competent enough to ride a faster machine faster, and that pretty much applies to the small group of sport bike riders that I ride with as well. Just because you can't doesn't mean that no one else can
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