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Yes, that's the best way to repair the kick start. I've been doing that for years.

I really like the four speed transmissions and don't have a lot of use for the fives. I have four "five speed" transmissions in boxes out in the shop, they all have the same problem. The shift rings that are pushed by the shifting forks are also part of the gears on the "cluster" shaft. These gears are thin and kind of weak and are also broken easily. That doesn't sound like a problem except they can't be bought separately, you have to buy the whole darned shaft! I think the last time I priced the shaft, it was in the $900 range and that was several years ago.

Back when I was wrenching, I used to collect as many trashed five speed transmissions as I could. If you take enough of them apart, you can press apart the cluster shafts and mix and match to get a few repaired. The problem here is it usually takes about five or six to get enough parts to complete one.
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