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Yep, part of staying safe (should you choose to do so) is avoiding those bad roads at those bad times.
There are roads I consider it madness to ride at rush hour, and high risk during other times.
Yet I see guys on choppers wearing no gear, with a girl on the back with no gear (and flip flops).

I once made the mistake of riding up RT 1 in New Jersey when the traffic was heavy.
Nothing like doing 55 mph with some woman in an suv 3 feet off your rear tire to get your attention, plus all the people changing lanes into you.
Three times I had to ride between the barrier and a car that decided I did not count as a vehicle.
Its not bad under light traffic, which now seems to be only late at night.
Never again.

I used to ride anywhere at any time when younger, back then, some people might have been drunk, but at least they were not drunk and texting.
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