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days ninety two, ninety three and ninety four, 4-16 to 4-18-13

we hit the road early as we had a long ride and no map. our goal was a little town called Vilcabamba close to the border of ecuador and peru. we read somewhere that it was an all dirt border crossing for about 150 miles. we rode the amazon road and didn't regret not taking the pan am. for the first few hours it was pouring down rain. but i guess that is why they call it the rain forrest right... then the road turned into an awesome twistie mess. And then we crossed the andes on what should be called the road of 100 waterfalls. it was a great ride!

we arrived pretty late and had a long ride down a dirt road with a border crossing the next morning so we stayed pretty mello.

the next morning we woke up to free breakfast and coffee then set off down the road toward peru. it was awesome. after about 20 miles it started raining and then the road turned to mud.

we even got a few water crossings

then the sun came out and the roads dried up.

we crossed the border into Peru after a little internet trouble while trying to fill out paperwork. we were in the middle of nowhere 70 miles down a dirt road so the fact they had internet at all was a miracle.

we rode another 20 miles to the town of San Ignacio and found a place to stay.

the next day we woke up early and hit the road. another 30 miles of dirt then back to asphalt. we stopped for a break and found a few butterflies.

we had no idea where we were going but figured we hadn't seen the pacific ocean since Nicaragua so we headed west. Northern peru is quite the dump. litter-ally (for you kev). there is garbage everywhere. and it looks very third world. so all day I was riding wishing I was back in ecuador where the gas is 2 dollars a gallon (6 in peru) and the food was about 3 bucks for a giant plate. and things are nice! oh well ecuador is now north and i only go south so... we rode down to the trujillo area where we found a nice beach town called haunchaco beach where we will post up for a few days and figure out where to go toward next.

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