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Originally Posted by Cerberus83 View Post
I tend to agree with the first part of your post. I do believe many "kids" buy sport bikes for looks and "cool" factor (i.e. posers).

However, the fact that you have "passed some sport bikes on 129 on your 150cc scooter with limited cornering clearance" doesn't mean that those riders don't know how to ride. 129 is a public road with extremely limited visibility and crap load of traffic and cops (for a good reason). My first time on the dragon, I was quite nervous (limited viz) and was taking it slow (on my Ducati 848). After two days and few runs, I was able to memorize most of those turns and felt quite comfortable and didn't have a problem riding at a spirited pace.

My point is that you know this road like the back of your hand and know what to expect which gives you a great advantage over someone like me who has never been to the dragon before.
I agree 100%. One time I was riding my scooter on 129 and saw some headlights behind me. I picked up my pace and pulled away. When I got to the Deal's Gap I stopped and along came a rider on an S1000rr. His tires where feathered to the edges from a recent track day. Obviously he could have caught me but chose not to. I have no illusions of being faster than him.

A passed a couple on 600cc sportbikes that had never ridden Deal's Gap before. They appeared to be smooth and competent riders but were smart enough not to push the pace:

On the other hand I have also seen guys riding so slow they wobbled around the corners. Or they go fast on the straights and practically stop in the curves. In those cases it's lack of skill.

BTW, when a faster rider does catch up to me, I slide over and let him by.
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