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Originally Posted by JustKip View Post
I had a test ride today, so here are a few brief observations.
First, for comparison, I ride an R12GS - like a sport bike mostly, but also 500-800 mi days are fairly common.

The Guzzi is low, as you would expect from a cruiser, and the riding position and floor boards remind of a Road King....but it's pretty nimble compared to the King. I was very impressed with lean angles, but didn't get a very long ride. Overall, it's quite light and nimble on its feet.
My problem is that I don't like my feet that far forward. My left foot kept ending up resting on the shift lever, and I'd have to move it forward again.

I'm 6'-1" and have a 34 inch inseam, and my left knee was usually resting on the throttle body guard just behind the cylinder head. In that picture mentioned in the last page or so...yeah. It's almost that close.

The engine is a beast for its size! Lots of thrust right off the line, and pulls steadily to just over 6K. I think it would probably keep revving but it's flat and there's no real pull left.

On the freeway at 65mph the roll on power is as disappointing as my GS, and for good acceleration it wants the same 2 gear down shift.

Will I buy one? No, it took this ride to convince me not to stray any further from sport bikes, even at my age (57) but I'm really glad they make 'em! This is one gorgeous cruiser, with enough power and lean angle to actually make it fun.

I think the only issue for me will be the comfort for the passenger. My sweetie enjoys some comfort, and I am not convinced the rear perch will cut it for her. We shall see...
Just happy :)
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