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Chris is waiting on some parts but I got out there this past weekend to pay a visit, see the progress and take some photos. I recently decided to step up my personal photography - Sony has finally introduced a point and shoot (the RX1) that is on par with my professional gear and so from this point forward you will see a marked improvement in photography for this thread: both in the quality of the equipment and my intent. I hope you enjoy watching.

So, let's take a look at the progress thus far.

This is the countershaft drive. Chris will have to custom make this part but the important part is the location of the second sprocket just inches away. Locating the second one here will allow a long second chain run to the 90 gearbox.

Here you can see the second chain run up to the head stock - this chain will run in an enclosed case and utilize a tensioning device similar to a cam chain. The bulk of Chris work is to perfectly place the gearbox square to the headstock. He will ream the headstock to accept the Christini bevel stem. The brilliance of this solution is that the frame only needs very small modifications and no external changes to the bodywork, tanks or running gear. It will require the modification or removal of the stock airbox but that is a small price to pay.

Here are two views of the location of the bevel gear box. Christini has been extremely helpful with us and has given us a lot of proprietary information to allow us to build the very best adaptation to the 950/990.

I liked seeing Chris' copious notes here scribbled on paper. There's a tremendous amount of math and measurements, both of distance and forces that Chris is making to adapt the parts to the 950/990.

I hope you enjoy the photos. I think there's nothing more beautiful than an elegant solution and Chris is well on his way to completing this in the most elegant way possible. Stay tuned.

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