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Too Many Cops

This goes for the stupid little "Tourist Cop" who lectured me yesterday when I pulled over into the bicycle lane and stopped at the curb to call the hotel for directions. "We have laws here seņor, just like in your country, you are not supposed to be in the bicycle lane, end your call and move" I wanted to explain to him that in my country you were required to pull to the curb to stop unless it was posted no stopping. There are way too many cops in Mexico... for the most part they leave you alone... but the Transitos (town traffic cops) and now this Policia Turistico, whose job it evidently is to tell us gringos how to behave (I must say that there are many of us down here who need that talk. For some reason a lot of gringos come here thinking it gives them an asshole license and they use it freely, usually drunkenly). Hopefully that will be my last encounter with la policia. The Transitos and these "tourist cops" are like irritating little gnats that you can't swat. Because there are so many really irritating gringo tourists they lump us all as one... why should they be any different than we are about Mexicans in our country? Some of us behave really terribly down here, with no respect whatsoever for the culture and some of the folks here, naturally, get tired of it..
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