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Originally Posted by Mr Fast View Post
Rick, you're closing in on HP in the high 40's. I would recommend 32 mm Mikunis to go with Owen's porting on the head. Good luck amigo. If you need carbs PM me.

Mr Fast; thanks for the many words of wisdom! I've already purchased a set of VM30's, since this bike is primarily a once or twice a year mx bike and needs quick throttle response. As time allows, will eventually build a vintage flat track bike, perhaps using the 435 motor I'm picking up in May from former PowRoll rider Tom Street. That setup will definitely want the mega-carbs!

Also, you mentioned in a previous post the lack of proper chemistry in modern oils for break in and suggested some break in additives, what were those again?

Take care in Mexico, have a great time, ride fast and come home safe!
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