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AADL from Denmark, if you are looking for some good riding and interesting things, go to Papantla from Poza Rica, it is very close and you can visit the ruins of El Tajin. From there, head to Tlapacoyan and from there to Altotonga. Go from Altotonga to Perote and from Perote to Guadalupe Victoria, Puebla on the high plain, next head south to Ciudad Serdan on the old 5 haciendas route. Take note of the mountain range on your left as you just missed some of the best riding in Mexico but you would need a couple of days to take it all in. From Ciudad Serdan head to Azumbilla, then to Tehuacan and then down into Oaxaca on the "via rapida" (it is worth the half price discount you get). If you don't have to rush to Oaxaca, and you are going to stay in Ciudad Serdan, PM me and I will send you a route that will put a real big smile on your face.

This routing keeps you off the coast highway Mex #180 which is a seriously boring and messy stretch of road, especially with a north wind coming through like it is today. If you do the coastal route you will have the wind at your back but you will have truck after truck swerving around on the highway heading towards you as they move around a lot in the high winds. Add blowing sand and dirt and crap into that mix and it is misery.

If you are coming back through this area, PM me with your email address and I will send you a PDF ride guide file for the area here where I live.
The only interesting part of the Mex #180 is the stretch through the Tuxtlas but you will not likely be heading that way if you are heading into Oaxaca. If you do, you will be kicking yourself for what you missed.
Papantla - check, did that yesterday
El Tajin - Today as i got there 17:10 yesterday, park closes at 17 :-/ Anyway got there this morning in the rain, and spend too much time there, because it is simply a wonderfull place with the all pyramids and should not be missed. :-)
So I decided to stay a day more here at a friends place. And get up really early tomorrow and head for Oaxaca. And on the way go though Puebla, maybe see if i can get a peek at the of the recently active volcan(don't know if it still smokes) and then south, and it will all be "quota" because of time, I took the "libre" over the mountains when arriving here wich was slow but worth the time, nice with the lake deep below to ones right hand side at Nuevo Necaxa
But now I seem to be in doubt again the route you suggest look more like me, and I don't think I have the time to get to know Puebla as one should anyway, volcano I plan on seeing in Antigua also.. hmm
Here is Tajin on a rainy day but VERY nice place.
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